The Rough Rider


Mission Statement:

We find the truth, we report the truth.

Editorial Policy:

General Policy:

The purpose of this website is to provide a forum of expression for the students at Roosevelt High School.  It is written by the students of the Newswriting class.  While the adviser reads all copy to help students meet journalistic standards, the Editorial Board makes decisions about content in order to create an open public forum of ideas. The main purpose of the RHS Rupper is to provide information, entertainment, and commentary for Roosevelt High School students on matters of school, local, state, national, and international issues, with emphasis on local and school issues.

Editorial Leadership:

The Editorial Board is the decision-making body.  Members include the editor(s)-in-chief, copy editor, business manager(s), photography/graphics editor(s), section editors (opinion, news, features, sports), and social media manager(s).

Policy-making and other aspects of the RHS Rupper are decided by a majority vote of the board.  The adviser may disagree and make suggestions/comments or call into question the subject matter in order to protect against libel and obscenity concerns.  Controversial subjects that arise are to be discussed among the board to determine an appropriate course of action.

Editorial Policy:

Editorials or opinion columns representing the views of individual staff members carry bylines. The opinions presented in the RHS Rupper do not necessarily represent the position of the entire staff, President Theodore Roosevelt High School, or the Hawaii State Department of Education.

A staff editorial may appear on the RHS Rupper site. The editorial must represent the majority opinion of the editorial board.  For this reason, the editorial is not bylined and the writing must be shared with the entire board prior to publication.

Letters and Online Commenting Policy:

As a public forum for student expression, the RHS Rupper welcomes letters to the editor and comments on articles, but reserves the right to refuse inappropriate letters and comments.  All letters and comments must be signed and may be edited for length, accuracy, and clarity.

Users may comment on stories online.  The newspaper adviser reserves the right to edit any comment for purposes of clarity or appropriateness (no profanity or language that could be constructed as libelous or obscene or constituting advertisement of a product or service).  Approval of comments for posting on the site lies with the adviser’s discretion.

Correction Policy:

Accuracy is a major goal of the RHS Rupper site; therefore, major errors will be acknowledged and corrected as soon as the error is brought to the staff’s attention.

In the headline, we will indicate if an update has been made, and we will specify what was updated at the bottom of the story with an editor’s note.

Obituary Policy:

Administration, teachers, and students of Roosevelt High school will be covered under the obituary policy. The published news story will be based upon the wishes of the deceased’s family. A picture will accompany the obituary.


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