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A Fresh Coat of Paint

Lakota Nguyen, Staff Writer

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President Theodore Roosevelt High School was ranked the number one public high school in the state of Hawaii on April 25, 2017. With this new standing and attention, it is necessary to consider campus beautification for the presentation of the school.

Although hallways are home to an array of posters and signs, the wall behind it is worn. This can be seen in corridors that have nothing posted on them. The result is a worn-down, off-white wall that makes the area appear soiled and undesirable.

A simple solution would be repainting the walls. This covers up the dirt and grime and makes an empty hallway appear less bare. The wall color can be the school colors, red and gold, to evoke school spirit. In addition, the walls can have paintings like the recently painted mural in the front of the school.

Painting the walls will make the school presentable for the student body, outsiders who may be taking tours of the campus, and the general public. Furthermore, the new walls will provoke school spirit and give students a sense of belonging.

They will also benefit students academically and socially. A survey conducted by Harris Poll shows that the students with school spirit will do better academically, be more involved in school activities, and will have a positive disposition.

Financial strains and scheduling will make it hard to execute this idea. Purchasing the paint will cost a lot of money, and the time it takes for the paint to dry on the walls will be lengthy. The paint fumes can also harm people who are in the building and the occupation of the students during school hours will disrupt the painting and drying process.

A proposal for student volunteers to paint the school during the summer can be a convenient solution. The hectic hallways from the amount of people in the building will be no more since it will be summer. Painters exposed to the hazardous chemicals can wear masks and take breaks outside to get fresh air.

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A Fresh Coat of Paint