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Eyelash Extensions VS. Falsies

Quinn Arakaki, Staff Writer

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To get eyelash extensions or not to get eyelash extensions? That was the dilemma I faced as senior prom was approaching.

Thinking about junior prom and the irritation my eyes had to undergo because of my makeup artist failing to cut the falsies to a suitable length pushed me towards my decision of getting eyelash extensions.

Cute and Lotus was the first beauty salon that came to mind. Their location was conveniently located across from Ala Moana and they weren’t as costly as other salons.

Overwhelming doesn’t even begin to describe how I felt in the salon. The lady brought me multiple papers with the different styles and lengths that they offered and continuously kept bugging me to pick certain extensions. With the help of the surrounding pressure, I ended up choosing a medium length along with the cat eye style.

Big mistake! The results were disappointing.

The volume was very minimal, making it difficult to even tell that I got extensions. Also, each eyelash extension wasn’t even properly placed! They were supposed to be placed on each eyelash; however, the lady rushed and connected two or three eyelashes to one eyelash extension.

I ended up wearing falsies along with my eyelash extensions to prom.

Eyelash extensions are capable of being nice, if you go to the right place and pay the expensive price. I will definitely avoid Cute and Lotus unless I want mediocre eyelash extensions that fall out after a week.

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Eyelash Extensions VS. Falsies