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Lindsey Stirling Concert Review

Kayla Gonzalez, Staff Writer

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Lindsey Stirling has been one of my biggest role models ever since I first discovered her music in middle school. She’s an electronic violinist/dancer who mashes her music up with dubstep.

Stirling is inspiring because she worked really hard to get to where she is today. Despite all the people who told her that her idea of mixing the violin with dubstep music was crazy, and no one would listen to it, she persevered and now has sold out concerts worldwide.

The concert was held at The Republik on Saturday, April 22nd. It was completely sold out, which resulted in  the venue being packed. My family and I arrived late, so we missed the opening acts, and got stuck in the very back. It wasn’t too bad though, because we were near the food and drink counter. We were able to sit on the couches that they have back there as well.

1 The only con about sitting way back there is that you are barely able to see the stage and performance. There were so many tall people standing in front of me, and I could only catch glimpses on Stirling while she performed. There are televisions that play a livestream of the concert near the food counter, so I watched a majority of the show on that.

Stirling’s setlist consisted of some of her newer songs, as well as a few of her older songs like Crystallize (her most popular song). It was really exciting to see her play live because she brings so much energy to the stage- dancing and jumping while playing her violin. You can clearly see that she enjoys what she does.

There were a lot of kids with their families, and A LOT of drunk people. Everyone was too packed together, If the venue was bigger, i’m sure it would have been a lot more enjoyable than it already was.

I would recommend anyone to watch her concert.

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Lindsey Stirling Concert Review