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Junior Presidential Candidates Go Head-to-Head

Imari Olipani, Editor

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When Junior Justin Wong decided to run against long-standing class president Mari Foster for the spot to be senior president next year, it shocked Foster. But when Wong actually won the election, despite all odds against him, it shocked the entire junior class.

“I ran for president because I felt like nothing has happened during the past three years, and I want to make a change, especially for our senior year,” said Wong.

Wong was, without a doubt, certain about what he will do for his fellow classmates as their senior class president.

“[As senior class president, I would] lower cost of all activities since prom is gonna be expensive, especially since we have project grad. Also, my other plans is to make our senior class more fun and especially, as you can see, our spirit week doesn’t have much spirit but hopefully I can push that for senior year. Also, [I want to] make all the seniors active in the activities that we might do since there hasn’t been any,” explained Wong.

Within just a week-long of campaigning, the topic of who will become the next senior class president intensifies. In nearly every conversation, leaking into even the discussions between teachers, was about who had a better chance of winning, and who had greater potential as president.

Junior Mika Emoto explained why she supported Foster for the last three years. “She’s approachable so a lot of people have an access to her. If you wanted to find something out, you can always find her. [Also] her council get a lot of people to go to different events that otherwise not many people would go to, and that’s what makes it fun. She has good ideas too,” said Emoto.

Behind all the heated debates between who would have been a better senior class president, it seems that both Foster and Wong had the same vision for their class.

“I think I would have tried to keep things as cheap as possible for our class to ensure everyone can go. And at the same time, making it as [great] as possible and just as amazing as it possibly could because I think our class have a decent amount of money. Fundraising wasn’t a big problem, or that we needed more money, because we’ve had successful events like homecoming dance and junior prom. A lot of people went to it and we made a lot. We brought in a lot of money and our class shirts–I would’ve made sure that our shirts were super nice. I would’ve made sure senior luau was good and that as many people as possible could go. I would’ve made sure we look good on graduation and have the right colors. I would’ve made sure that senior prom was as extra as possible,” says Foster.

Ultimately, both candidates envisioned a senior class with nothing but the best of every activity they participate in, and they both planned on including as much of their class as possible in every event by lowering the costs of admissions. So despite the mixed emotions about the result of the election, there is no doubt about Foster and Wong’s dedication to their class. In addition, they will both be on the senior class council next year so the class of 2018 will be in good hands with two dedicated leaders.

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Junior Presidential Candidates Go Head-to-Head