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April Fools

If you are wise, you'll prepare for a surprise

Halle Daniels, Staff Writer

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April 1st is the most notorious day of the year for practical jokes and hoaxes. This time things are different, it’s not just your friends and family who are trying to plot against you some of your favorite brands and companies are here to pollute the internet with their gimmicks. Here are a few notable April Fool’s tricks from the internet.


Just like Alexa, Amazon’s voice service for your home, Pet Lexa speaks dog, cat, and hamster. So now your pest have the power to order food, check how many steps they took today, and activate the automatic ball thrower with a single bark, meow or squeak. It will have you saying, “Is this fur real?”


T-Mobile is now offering full body coverage with the new T-Mobile ONEsie. Slip this on and you will have connection wherever you are. It includes features like thermal charging and fitness tracking. It has special nanofibers built in which makes all these features possible. They are actually selling the ONEsie for $40 if you are interested in buying it here. It is where “Couture meets connectivity.”


Hulu is now offering a new service called Hu. This gimmick prompts abbreviated TV. Hu cuts down the length of shows to just eight seconds to accommodate to our short attention spans. The company has actually put together a playlist of shortened shows like Seinfeld , Black Sails, The Mindy Project, and Empire.    


The Google Gnome is a take on Google home. It gives the you the “connected yard” of your dreams. It can turn on things like sprinklers and hoses. Google Gnome can tell you facts about the weather outside and facts about the plants in your garden. “The smart yard has finally arrived.”


Petco has come up with a solution to the nasty job dog owners hate doing, picking up pop. The DooDoo Drone 3000 picks up after your dog so you don’t have to. All you have to do is download the app, drop a location pin at the scene then send the drone and the DooDoo Drone 3000 will do all the dirty work.

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