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Last talent show for seniors

Loreen Lian

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“I just want to show my talent,”

Tetsuzo Hirai, senior, said. He will play the piano at the RHS talent show. He participated in the talent show in his sophomore and junior year.

Tetsuzo started playing the piano when he was three or four, and he won many prizes along the way. He won first place at the Hyogo prefectural competition in Japan five years in a row, as well as a special award that is given to only to those who have won first place for five times.

He now plays the piano for his church, RHS band, and orchestra. He receieved an offer from Tokyo University of the Arts. However, he does not seek to turn his talent into a career since he would not be able support his family in it therefore rejected the offer. Yet he loves the piano, and he wants to play it as his hobby in the future.

Almost everyone around Tetsuzo knows that he is a piano genius.

“I know he will do well at the talent show, because he grew up and lives with the piano,” senior Kazuki Imura, Tetsuzo’s close friend who has known him since his freshman year, said.

Tetsuzo’s friends showed their support, as well as excitement for his performance.

“I wish to see a performance that makes everyone stand up and clap because that is what I expect from him,” Keola Antonio, senior, said.

Others even said that they just know his performance will be good because “he is Tetsuzo.”

Although he did not share a lot about what he will perform, he said he will play a remix of songs.

“I hope people know the songs I chose,” Tetsuzo said, concerned about the audience’s response.

“I first planned to remix the songs from 2013 to 2015, but it was too hard to make it flow, so I changed my mind. Oh I cannot tell you in detail, but I chose not only pop songs but also other genres as well. I was debating whether or not to use songs from a movie ‘Frozen,’ and I decided not to since I played it last year,” he said.

He spent more than three hours choosing songs and remixing. He is now practicing and getting ready for the show.

“I hope to do my best since it will be my last talent show in high school. Also I hope that the audience will enjoy my performance,” Tetsuzo said, smiling.


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Last talent show for seniors