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Being Extra

Lexus Sagisi, Staff Writer

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“Extra”: not the gum brand but the attitude. “Over the top excessive; dramatic behavior; way too much,”  according to Urban Dictionary.  Our peers use it to describe those that act that way. It’s not a term meant to be taken seriously.

Since the rise of the word, we have considered people’s behaviors to be “extra” by either the things they say or the actions they do. Many students will come across situations where they qualify as “extra.”

“There is one kid in my art class that always has to get in trouble, sometimes it’s on purpose, even though he does it for fun, it causes distractions for the whole class and not just him,” says senior, Shayla Olayer.

“Sometimes I’m just trying to have a nice conversation with my friend, only for some lesser being to interrupt me with their irrelevant story that no one asked for,” says senior Nakoa Kanahele.

“In middle school, there was this girl that always wanted attention, and one day she was talking behind my back and I confronted her and she put on the tough girl act and mouthed about how she was going to tell the counselor but instead she ended up calling her mom in the middle of the situation,” says junior Mahina Henry.

“So before this all went down, I told my friend that I was going to go to the party. However, knowing my grade, I cancelled the day before the party. She got mad and threw tantrums about ‘how I never socialize with other people at our school.’ So I told her that my grades will always come first because I’m paying for my education. I thought that the argument was going to end but little do I know that we both can hold mean grudges,” says Iain Adrejilo

However, some people don’t consider being called extra as a negative label. It wasn’t said as much until people did things that resembled it.

  • “You are what you eat,”
  • Cover your pimples with rhinestones.
  • Bus drivers taking unnecessary breaks.
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Being Extra